“The Shopworn Angel”

The Jimmy Stewart Museum 835 Philadelphia St., Indiana

Voices of Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullivan, and Walter Pidgeon. Naive soldier falls in love with a loose-moraled actress.


The University Museum at IUP Presents “Environmental”

IUP University Museum Sutton Hall, 1011 South Drive, Indiana

The University Museum at IUP overlooks the Oak Grove, a park-like space, older than the university itself with tall trees, grass, flowers, benches, and paths that lead students to and from class. With the exhibition “Environmental,” we bring the outside …


BINGO Aultman Volunteer Fire Department

Aultman Volunteer Fire Department 58 South 7th Street, Aultman

Doors open at 5:00PM - Early birds at 6:30PM For more information about this event, please contact:   Jessica Kalgren  724-726-4040

Hawk Talk Special Edition: Football Signing Day

CH Fields Craft Kitchen 714 Pratt Dr., Indiana

IUP fans, join us on Thursday night for Hawk Talk Special Edition as Jack Benedict and IUP coach Paul Tortorella review National Letter of Intent and National Signing Day (Feb. 1). Watch the show on Renda Digital TV (at at …


Open Mic Night in the Taproom

Levity Brewing Co 1380 Wayne Ave., Indiana

Live music from a variety of local performers - anyone is welcome to come sign up and perform!

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