Virtual Clever Crows

Virtual Presentation

Bird lovers everywhere appreciate the intelligence and adaptability of the crow. Other people find them to be nasty and unpleasant. Members of the Corvid family of birds are actually among the most intelligent animals on our planet. To find out …

Virtual PA Game Bird Trivia

Virtual Presentation

Lisa Meadows - As fall comes upon us, we remember our gamebirds walking through the woods. Join us for an online virtual presentation to learn all about three PA Game Birds: the American Woodcock, Ring Neck Pheasant, and the Ruffed …

Virtual Presentation – Snowy Owls

Virtual Presentation

John Laskos - If you are a fan of owls, then this is a virtual program you may enjoy! Snowy owls have been visiting our area more often in recent years. They are truly an impressive bird, rivaling our own …

Climate Action – Talk About It!

Virtual Presentation

Do you have questions about climate change? Let's talk about it! Dr. Bonnie McGill from Climate & Rural Systems Partnership, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA will lead a webinar about climate issues hosted by the League of Women …


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