Outdoor Recreation

Indiana County’s parks and trails system is one of the best in Pennsylvania with over 64 miles of rails to trails. The county boasts 792 acres of lakes; 5,452 acres of parks; and 12 miles of single track mountain bike trails.  Couple this amount of acreage with the varied skill level of terrain and you have a dynamite combination!

Many of the biking and hiking trails run along historic paths with interesting lessons to be learned.   So don’t think your nature walk or bike ride will go without any history lessons.  It’s an especially great way to incorporate educational opportunities having children realize that history is part of everything we do and live.

Several of our venues are also excellent sites for bird watching and viewing of specific birds.

Our Rails to Trails are so enticing that the annual Rails to Trails Sojourner came through Indiana County in the summer of 2011.  They rode on the Ghost Town, Hoodlebug, and West Penn Trails.


Check out books about Indiana County Parks & Trails, now available online!

Click HERE to read the Indiana County Parks & Trails 50th Anniversary Flipbook, the Ghost Town Trail Guidebook and the Hoodlebug Trail Guidebook.