Covered Bridges

Indiana County is home to four covered bridges constructed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Harmon, Trusal, Kintersburg and Thomas covered bridges are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Thomas Covered Bridge is the only covered bridge in Indiana County that remains open to traffic. All four bridges are nestled among some of the most scenic areas throughout the county. They are within easy driving distance of each other and the total distance of the driving tour is 36 miles round trip. Indiana County is committed to ensuring that the covered bridges are maintained for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Harmon Bridge

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Harmon BridgeHarmon Bridge, which was built in 1910 at a cost of $525, is 45 feet long and was named after Civil War veteran J.S. Harmon. Built by John R. Carnahan, Harmon Bridge is constructed with town lattice trusses. It is considered a companion bridge to Trusal Bridge and is located on the south branch of Plum Creek just off Five Points Road.

Kintersburg Bridge

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Kintersburg BridgeKintersburg Bridge was built in 1877 and named for Isaac Kinter, a local shopkeeper. J.S. Fleming erected the bridge over Crooked Creek at a cost of $893. The Kintersburg Bridge is the only Howe truss bridge in Indiana County and one of only five Howe truss bridges remaining in the state of Pennsylvania. It is 68 feet long.

Thomas Bridge

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Thomas BridgeThe Thomas Bridge was built in 1879 at a cost of $545 and completely reconstructed in 1998 at a cost of slightly more than $1 million dollars. Amos Thomas built the original bridge, which is the longest of the Indiana County covered bridges at a length of 75 feet. The original bridge was constructed with town lattice trusses. The Thomas Bridge crosses over Crooked Creek near Yarnick's Farm Market. The bridge was also known as Thomas Ford Bridge - prior to the construction of the bridge, there was a fording stream crossing at this location. When the railroad was constructed in this area in the early 1900's the bridge was also known as Thomas Station Bridge.

Trusal Bridge

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Trusal BridgeThe oldest of Indiana County's covered bridges is the Trusal Bridge, built in 1870 (also known as Dice's Bridge). At 41 feet long, the Trusal Bridge is the shortest of Indiana County's covered bridges. It was named after Robert Trusal, a nearby property owner. It is considered a companion bridge to Harmon Bridge and is located on the south branch of Plum Creek just off Five Points Road. Trusal Bridge is located about one-half mile downstream of the Harmon Bridge.