Artisans, Wineries, Breweries, Distillery & Farm To Table

What do Artisans, Wineries and Farm to Table have in common?  Perhaps Artisans are in the vineyards cultivating the crops?  Not exactly; however all three are produced right in Indiana County and shipped all over the country, in some cases the world.

Artisans from potters to painters to weavers create their unique pieces that are showcased in their studios and retail outlets.  Individuals visiting the area can create their own pieces and bring back a memory from Indiana County.

Vineyards and wineries in Indiana County?  You betcha…Pennsylvania’s weather and terrain has made the state the fourth largest producer of wines in the country.  Indiana County’s varied temperature makes it ideal to grow grapes.  Indiana County has four vineyards located in Smicksburg, Blairsville and Shelocta.  Each of the wineries offer unique events to showcase their wines such as Wine Under the Stars complete with bon fires, rock and roll bands and of course plenty of food.

Indiana County’s Farm to Table program is extensive.  From cattle, to herbs, fruits and vegetables, farmer market restaurants and we can’t forget the acreage of Christmas Trees in the Christmas Tree Capital of the world.  Look for our “Farm to Table” logo at area businesses; they are either a Farm to Table producer or recipient.  Ask retailers what they are selling that was produced locally or what the local restaurants are offering that was grown in some cases just a few miles down the road!