Our Amish Smile, A Day in Smicksburg Itinerary


Come to Smicksburg, home to over 300 old order Amish families that have settled in this part of Indiana County.  The community is comprised of many specialty shops, restaurants, and a winery.


Start your day in Smicksburg shopping  for pottery, primitive country crafts, furniture, quilts, handmade wreaths and unique gifts. A visit to the John G. Schmick Museum will also be included in your tour.


Take a break from shopping and sightseeing to enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal at a local restaurant. Enjoy tasty and special treats, sure to please every palate, as well as award-winning wines. Enjoy some now and take some home for later!


After lunch, drive through the Amish countryside and pass by actual homes of the Amish. The Old Order Amish of Smicksburg are very private and we ask you to be respectful and not take pictures; but don’t be afraid to wave as you go past.  As we drive by these homes you may see Amish families working on their farms with their horse drawn plows or children playing in the yard.

Windgate Vineyards and Winery

Tour the largest winery in the County, located in the Amish countryside of Smicksburg. The stop will include a tour of the winery and sampling of wines.

This itinerary can be adjusted in several different ways. It can be expanded into an overnight tour and it can also be done as a Mystery Tour.