Romantic Getaway at Hominy Ridge Lodge and Cabins

The sweetheart package will include (but not limited to): ***Roses or mixed flowers (your choice) ***Wine or champagne (your choice), ***Chocolates or cake (your choice), light music, fire in fireplace or firewood to build on your own (if no time of arrival is specified). *One hour of scheduled time in the Pinnacle Spa Hot Tub, located privately outside in the woods OR air conditioning in summer months for 2 nights. We will have it all displayed in a romantic setting upon your arrival. Time of arrival is required for time to prep the cabin/lodge. The cost is $100 in addition to your cabin/lodge rent. Payment for the sweetheart package is due before arrival along with your initial 1/2 deposit. Please indicate your request to add the special to your reservation. Why not? You only live once, and you deserve it! 3-day advance order of arrival for set up time ** Photo is not an exact representation of actual items *** Please indicate your selection of each category *IMPORTANT: The 'hot' tub is closed during peak summer(hot) months. Instead, you will receive air conditioning in the cabin for each night.

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13964 Rt. 36
Clarington, PA, 15828

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Phone: 800-851-6377

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