Cookport Antique Machinery Show

C.A.M.S. is a show run by neighbors and friends for fun and education. The local farmers and tractor enthusiasts love to show off their tractors and put them to the test. From the tractor that has been stripped down and restored to perfection, to the beloved farm tractor that still has its job in the field today, you will see it all and more. C.A.M.S. is put on at the local Green Township Community Fair grounds on Route 240 in Commodore, Pennsylvania. How do you know if you have an Antique tractor? Antique tractors are years 1960 and older. So if you would like to bring your Antique tractor out to play in the dirt, come join the Cookport Antique Machinery Show. Bring your family along, too.

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Green Township Community Fairgrounds
Route 240
Commodore, PA, 15729

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Phone: 724-422-5343

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