Blairsville Cemetery Company & Chestnut Ridge Pet Cemetery

The Blairsville Cemetery is one of the country's oldest rural, community Cemeteries. Spanning more than 35 acres, the Blairsville Cemetery sits a top the town's highest point located at the foothills of Chestnut Ridge. The Blairsville Cemetery's lush landscape of evergreens, blue spruce, oak trees and natural wildflowers has offered a peaceful, reverent final resting place for area friends, family and loved ones for more than 150 years. The Pet Cemetery at Chestnut Ridge provides a peaceful, final resting place for your faithful companion. Our special, dedicated site for memorializing pets rests outside of Blairsville on East Market Street at the base of the beautiful Chestnut Ridge. When the time arrives and you prepare to make final arrangement for your beloved friend, the Pet Cemetery at Chestnut Ridge offers a place for you to visit your pet's final home, and to quietly reflect on the wonderful memories together. The eternal remembrance of your special companion involves some important choices. Please contact us for a private consultation with a cemetery representative who can help you create the perfect, lasting memorial for your pet.

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609 East Market Street
Blairsville, PA, 15717

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Phone: 724-459-7750
Fax: 724-459-3028

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