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Townsend Gas & Oil, Inc

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1740 Old Route 119 South
Homer City, PA 15748
Phone: 724-479-9233

Townsend Gas & Oil, Inc Townsend Gas & Oil, Inc. is a distributor of petroleum products for residential, commercial, industrial, farm, and personal use. We sell Shell, Pennzoil, DA Lube, PennGrade 1 and ARG  brands of motor oils, greases, and lubricants.  Oil filters, air filter, Gumout products, Armorblue DEF, methanol, antifreeze, VP Racing fuels, windshield wiper blades and various other items are also sold. Our On-Road and Off-Road Diesel fuels, Kerosene K-1 dyed, Fuel Oil, Regular gasoline(OCT87) and Ethanol-free premium gasoline(OCT90) are products available at our On-Site Fueling Island and for delivery.  Our company strives to supply quality products at affordable prices.

K&L Gas & Oil, Inc

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246 McIntire Lane
Homer City, PA 15748
Phone: 724 479-3120

We specialize in building well sites and maintaining them by hauling water and stone into the sites. We also provide support services such as hauling equipment to and from well sites.