Step back into time as you travel to northern Indiana County, home of a large Amish population, which has grown to over 800 settlers since 1961. The Amish pursue a simpler lifestyle, operating farms and other businesses in ways that have changed little in the past century.

Take notice of the fields being farmed with horses, and the small school houses where young children play in simple clothing as you drive through the beautiful countryside with rolling hills and gentle curves.

The people are hospitable and wave as you go by, but please be careful to respect their lifestyle. Drive slowly through the area being courteous to Amish traveling in horse-drawn buggies. Visitors can enjoy over 20 specialty shops in the area offering country crafts, quilts, furniture, foods and more. Please note, there are both Amish-owned and English-owned stores in the region – many of which have limited hours/might be closed on Sundays. A highlight of the area are the seasonally festivals, where many shops participate in themed season.

Smicksburg or “Schmicksburg,” West Mahoning Township, Route 954 was founded in May of 1827 by Reverend J. George Schmick. Reverend Schmick was a Lutheran minister who purchased land from Charles Coleman.

The Smicksburg Post Office opened October 1, 1830. John Kerr was the postmaster at that time. Kerr was also the blacksmith. The borough was incorporated in 1854.

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