Riziki Cafe One Year Anniversary

Riziki Cafe Jimmy Stewart Airport, 398 Airport Rd., Indiana

Help us celebrate our One Year Anniversary! Enjoy 10% off all week! New Special Daily! Giveaways! Free cupcakes cakes Tuesday, March 7! Hours: Mon - Fri - 7AM - 2PM

“The Philadelphia Story”

The Jimmy Stewart Museum 835 Philadelphia St., Indiana

Starring Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Katharine Hepburn. A society girl yearns for down-to-earth romance; Grant is her ex-husband, and Jimmy is a fast talking reporter who falls in love with her.

Meet the Mudpuppy!

Blue Spruce Park Lodge 60 Blue Spruce Lodge Road, Indiana

Ed Patterson - The mudpuppy is the second largest salamander found in Indiana County. Although rarely seen, these secretive aquatic creatures have many unique features. In this program we will learn about their status in the county, their habits, habitat …

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