Mytrysak’s Family Tree Farm & Greenhouse receives Spirit Award!

The Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association just released the following information.  Congratulations on the well deserved award, Mytrysak’s!

Christmas Spirit Foundation Recognizes Four 2024 SPIRIT AWARD Recipients Congratulations to our very own Mytrysak Family Tree Farm and Greenhouse who was 1 of the 4 Recipients this year.

For 19 years, the Trees for Troops (T4T) program has proceeded to grow under the direction of the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation (CSF) and the daily responsibilities of the dedicated individuals involved.

“The Mytrysak Family has been in the tree growing business for three generations, starting with the grandfather of current owner, Brandon Mytrysak, at their family farm in Brush Valley, Pennsylvania. Brandon and his wife, Stacey, then purchased a larger farm in Indiana, Pennsylvania, which they utilize today.

Stacey explains that Brandon grew up in the tree business and always enjoyed it. “I helped him when we got married and then noticed the larger farm for sale – with a gift shop included – and saw potential,” says Stacey.

The Mytrysaks became involved in Trees for Troops in 2009, and always load over 100 trees for TFT each year. Their family’s military history makes the T4T even more important to them. Both Stacey’s father, Kevin Burnosky, and Brandon’s brother-in-law, Andy, were in the Air Force; both her grandfathers were in the military; and Brandon’s Uncle, Thad, served in the Army during Vietnam. Stacey’s cousin, Chad Burnosky, was in the Pennsylvania National Guard and is currently a part of the Johnstown Generals Hockey Team (JGHT) which volunteers to help with the trees each year. The JGHT coordinates the kids’ activities at their annual Trees for Troops Day event, including the decoration of little wooden Christmas trees created by a local donor, and will help collect, tag and count each tree before loading into the FedEx Freight truck.

JGHT is comprised of members who currently serve or have served in the U.S. military who appreciate an outlet that gives veterans a safe environment to relieve stress and promote camaraderie, while providing them with community engagement opportunities.

The JGHT is proud to have been a part of Trees for Troops over the past few years,” says Chad Burnosky, Interim Vice President. “The Mytrysak Family Tree Farm has hosted a wonderful event each year to honor our military and offer support during the holiday season. The Indiana County Trees for Troops Committee helps to advertise the event, and runs the concession stand to raise proceeds for additional tree donations.”

Stacey explains that the Mytrysaks coordinate with the local reserve unit to have troops present for their annual event. “We also have a float in both the Veterans Day Parade and It’s a Wonderful Life Parade in Indiana each year to support T4T,” she says. “The Committee also sets up the live music with different bands or singers each year, who will perform Christmas music during the day.”

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