Announcement: Flag for Heroes Ceremony

News from ICTB Member: The Rotary Club of Indiana-Midday

The Rotary Club of Indiana-Midday is having our annual Flags for Heroes Ceremony. When we started the Flags for Heroes project our goal was to create a fundraiser that would engage our entire community while reminding us of the true meaning of Memorial Day – a time to remember, celebrate, and recognize the heroes that have served and sacrificed for our freedom, as well as that serve today. Thanks to the generosity of many, our display is a significant contributor to the community’s commemoration, and we’d like to make the event even larger this year.

With your donation, you and your hero will be part of the event. The flags will be flying this year from May 21nd to June 15th and our commemoration ceremony will be May 23rdth at 6 p.m. at Oakland Avenue Cemetery. Your donation allows you to put the name of your local hero on a medallion hung from a flag for the duration of the event. Your hero may have or could be serving in the military, but it could also be police, fire or first responder who puts their lives on the line for us every day. It could also be a teacher, coach, mentor, community leader or anyone else who has been a hero in your life.

All proceeds raised from the Flags for Heroes event will benefit local organizations that the Rotary Club of Indiana-Midday proudly support.

Corporate sponsorships will be available with recognition at the flag display site, please see the flyer (below) for detailed information.

To make your contributions see the flyer (below) and make checks payable to Rotary Club of Indiana-Midday and mail to the address below, credit card payments are accepted on our website, visit:

Each of us has a hero. Please consider honoring yours with a flag.

Thank you for your support,

Rotary Club of Indiana-Midday


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