America 250: Two-Part Earth Month Series Podcast “Preserving and Celebrating Pennsylvania’s Land and Wildlife” (Part 1 & 2)

Check out this news from our friends at America250!

On Earth Day, America250 dropped the first podcast episode of their special Two-Part Earth Month Series: “Preserving and Celebrating Pennsylvania’s Land and Wildlife” (Part 1)

About this episode:
Tune in to our next captivating episode of the America250PA “Start Here, America did” podcast, the first of our two-part Earth Month Series devoted to uplifting and preserving Pennsylvania’s natural beauty. Host Sydney Harris introduces you to naturalist trailblazers who are spearheading significant initiatives to protect and uplift Pennsylvania’s one-of-a-kind natural landscapes. Discover from Doug Wentzel, Naturalist and Program Director, how Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center is revolutionizing educational outreach and nurturing the next generation of naturalists. Hear from Christopher Kocher of the Wildlands Conservancy about vast land preservation efforts and how these foster a deeper connection between communities and their environments.

Continue the journey with Jennifer Sumoske of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, exploring innovative conservation strategies and the stewardship of the iconic Fallingwater. This episode offers a deep dive into the actions and programs leading the charge in ecological preservation and celebration across Pennsylvania. The narratives shared not only underscore Pennsylvania’s rich environmental heritage but also show how proactive stewardship can cultivate a wonderful coexistence with nature. Listen in and learn from the remarkable organizations that keep Pennsylvania beautiful.

Then on April 23, the second episode of their Two-Part Earth Month Special, “Preserving and Celebrating Pennsylvania’s Waterways” (Part 2) became available.

About this episode:

Join us for the second installment of our Earth Month series, where we -dive- into the preservation and conservation efforts of Pennsylvania’s waterways, spanning over 83,000 miles of rivers, streams, and creeks. This episode features conversations with representatives from the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association and the Mountain Watershed Association. These dedicated stewards share their passionate efforts in safeguarding these vital waters through conservation, education, and community engagement.

Learn how these organizations confront challenges and deploy strategies to protect the health and beauty of Pennsylvania’s aquatic environments. From their grassroots origins to substantial conservation initiatives, discover the pivotal role these waterways play in sustaining life and supporting local communities throughout the commonwealth. Whether you’re deeply invested in environmental issues, interested in local conservation, or have simply gone for a swim in Pennsylvania’s beautiful waterways, this episode offers a comprehensive exploration of the endeavors that maintain the purity and vitality of Pennsylvania’s waters. Celebrate with us the unsung heroes and committed communities tirelessly working to preserve the natural beauty of our waterways.

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