Lone Oak Farm Announces Farm Memberships

News from our friends at the Lone Oak Farm:


It’s time to join us for our 2024 farm membership season! Early sign-up discounts are running from now through March 2nd!

We have FIVE different shares available this year: vegetables, flowers, bread, ice cream, and pre-made meals to go! Each share is available for a whole (weekly 18-week season) or half (bi-weekly 9-week season). You can mix and match- choose whichever shares and frequencies match your needs. Or, pick one of our early bird bundles and save even more when you get each of the shares for a whole or half season!

As always, ALL of these items will still be available in our store for purchase without a farm membership. These memberships offer a way for us to guarantee you fresh food throughout the main growing season (June through September) at a discounted rate as a thanks for your pre-purchase. Your membership helps us plan for the year ahead and directly contributes to the health and availability of a “buy local” food system in Indiana County. This is our fifth season offering shares and we are looking forward to another year!

Available Shares:

Fresh Veggie Share (June-Sept.): Produce harvested each week will be displayed farm market style. You will choose what you want for the week so there is no waste or unwanted items in your share! This setup offers our customers abundant options just like the grocery store so you can take what you want, leave what you don’t, and still get your money’s worth. Pay as little as $36/week for a variety of fresh, sustainably grown vegetables from our farm!

Fresh Flower Share (8 weeks, August-Sept.): Summer flowers bloom abundantly for a short time. You’ll take home a generous portion of our flower harvest each week containing a wide variety of flowers. Stems will be cleaned and ready for vases or drying! Pay as little as $25/week for a large beautiful bouquet of our farm-grown flowers!

Fresh Bread Share (June-Sept.): A different freshly baked loaf each week. From honey wheat to garlic scape knots, and naan to sunflower loaves, you won’t be disappointed! Pay as little as $6.67/week for scratch-made breads and be the first to try some of our exclusive recipes.

Ice Cream Share (June-Sept.): Enjoy unique seasonal ice cream flavors with a different flavor each week! Be guaranteed to get your ice cream fix with some exclusive flavors alongside old favorites. Pints or quarts available. Get as much as $1.15 off a pint or quart while enjoying our seasonal flavors!

Pre-Made Meals Share (June-Sept.): Refrigerated scratch-made, seasonal meals to go! Just take home, reheat, and enjoy. These will feature our produce and pasture-raised meats, along with a variety of other local goods. Serving sizes for two- and four-person families. One meal per week. Pay as little as $13.50 per person for a homemade meal that just needs to be warmed up!

Early Bird Bundles: Choose all of the half or whole season shares and get an additional discount. For as little as $102.50/week for a half season share or $90/week for a whole season share, you can get your fill of vegetables, flowers, bread, ice cream, and a to-go meal while supporting the local food system and your local farmers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to sign up for all of the shares?
A: No! Each member can customize their shares and choose only the ones that interest them most. None of the shares are required. If you choose to sign up for every share, extra bundle discounts are running until March 2nd!

Q: When will the season start?
A: Full season memberships for this year will start on June 1st and end on September 28th. Half season memberships will start June 1st or June 8th depending on your assigned rotation, and continue biweekly through the end of September. ALL shares except flowers (including bread, ice cream, and pre-made meals) will be running on the June-September schedule. Flower shares will run 8/10-9/28. Whole and half season shares can be mixed (ex. whole season veggies with a half season ice cream share) if desired.

Q: Can I still purchase produce, dairy, bread, etc. from the store?
A: YES! Nothing has changed. All products will be available as usual to purchase outside of these shares. Members just have access to more products at a better rate! 😉

Q: Do I have to pay for the entire season up front?
A: For flowers, bread, and ice cream, full-season payment is required at sign-up. For vegetables and pre-made meals, you can choose between a full payment at sign-up or half down and half due 7/1/24. Half now, half later payments are also available for our early bird bundles.

To sign up, click HERE (look at the 2024 Farm Memberships section on our website to see each share) & complete your order through our website (then fill out the virtual application) OR, stop by the store for a paper application!

Early Bird Share Bundles available, too!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at
(724) 397-0101 or stop by the farm store any time Wed.-Fri. 10-6 or Sat. 10-4!

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