Indiana, PA Touted as one of 17 Holiday Hallmark Movie-esque Locations in Pennsylvania

Each month, ICTB submits member information to for consideration in their monthly themed articles, when applicable. It’s always exciting when they select an ICTB entry from the statewide submissions to publish in their articles. Congrats to Indiana who was highlighted in a recent article on VisitPA’s website! recently posted an article entitled:
17 Holiday Hallmark Movie-esque Locations in Pennsylvania

**We’re excited to announce that Indiana made number SEVEN on the list!**

Excerpt from the article:
Indiana, the Christmas Tree Capital of the World, also happens to be the hometown of Jimmy Stewart, star of the beloved holiday classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Enjoy this Christmas classic with showings daily during the holiday season at The Jimmy Stewart Museum. Then, venture into downtown Indiana transformed into a modern-day Bedford Falls complete with twinkling lights and a 30-foot live Christmas tree in the center of town. Spend your holiday weekends during the annual “It’s A Wonderful Life Festival,” Nov. 17-18, Saturdays Nov. 24-Dec. 15 with loads of fun activities, holiday treats, beautiful vintage decorations, and special events happening every weekend.

Read the full article here: 

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