News from NAACP: The 36th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet – “Thriving Together Through Infinity”

The 36th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet: “Thriving Together Through Infinity”


All are welcome to attend an unforgettable evening at the 36th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet: “Thriving Together Through Infinity.” As we gather to celebrate our community’s resilience and progress, we will honor the achievements of individuals who have made a significant impact in promoting equality and justice. The theme “Thriving Together Through Infinity”, highlights the everlasting commitment to unity and empowerment. Throughout the evening, you’ll enjoy a vibrant atmosphere filled with captivating speeches, live entertainment, delicious cuisine, and more. You’ll connect with likeminded individuals who share a passion for social change and be inspired by impressive youth and stories of triumph and perseverance.
The guest speaker, Mr. Timothy “Tim” Stephens is a most achieved and dynamic person who not only has many decades as a fighter for social justice but also, is a jazz performer/vocalist and a writer/producer. Virtual and print Ads are available. If you are unable attend and want to support the cause, consider covering the fee for attendance of a representative, two or more youth, a less fortunate individual, purchase an Ad, or become a banquet sponsor.  Registration/tickets are available on-line.
Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a memorable event that celebrates the shared journey towards a more inclusive society. Mark your calendars now and attend the 36th Annual Freedom Banquet: Thriving Together Through Infinity! Sponsored by Indiana County NAACP in cooperation with First Commonwealth Bank.
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