Christmas Tree Selected for Upcoming Holiday Celebrations in IRMC Park

Appearing in the photo are, from left, Gregg Van Horn, Nathan Johnston, Rose Strittmatter, Laura Herrington, Hastie Kinter, Dave Brocious, Don Huey, Mark Hilliard and Dave Reed. Also involved in the tree selection but not pictured are Dennis and Elaine Thurston, Sam Kenly.

Indiana County, PA — The Indiana County Tourist Bureau is excited to announce that the perfect Christmas tree, which will be featured at IRMC Park during the upcoming holiday celebrations, has been selected. It is a beautiful 30’ Concolor Fir and is being donated by Nathan Johnston of Johnston Nursery & Landscaping in memory of his father and grandfather. The tree is located on the front lawn of Dennis & Elaine Thurston’s home in Homer City and was scheduled to be removed a few months ago until Nathan consulted Gregg Van Horn, President of the Indiana County Tourist Bureau and Christmas Tree Growers’ Association, and they agreed that this would be the perfect tree to display at IRMC Park.

The tree will be delivered to IRMC Park on November 13, 2023 to be decorated for the Lucy Donnelly Light-up Night (6:30 PM) and Holiday Kickoff Parade (7PM) on Friday, November 17, 2023. The First Commonwealth Bank “It’s A Wonderful Life” Festival gets underway that Saturday, November 18 with exclusive “It’s A Wonderful Life” activities. The holiday fun will continue, on Saturdays, through December 16, 2023. These events are proudly supported by the Indiana County Center for Economic Operations.

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