White Township Stewardship Committee 2022 Annual Report

The “White Township Stewardship Committee 2022 Annual Report” was recently released.  This report contains a summary of work by residents researching and writing a stewardship plan for White’s Woods.

A message from the chair…
“The Stewardship Committee came together in January 2022 with divergent interests but with a common desire to protect White’s Woods as one of our communities’ greatest natural gifts.
Committee members endeavored to reconcile the various opinions voiced throughout White Township and discovered much common ground on which to work.
The committee’s focus now is on hearing many experienced professionals, understanding the facts, and objectively weighing their valuable opinions for developing the best plan for the care and protection of White’s Woods.
Going into 2023, we continue to find encouragement in the support and participation of all stakeholders of this woodland and remain committed to producing a stewardship plan that all can support.”
Barb Hauge

Read the entire Annual Report.

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