PA Parks & Rec: Good Roadtrip

The season for road-tripping is here, and Pennsylvania has some of the best local parks and recreation stops in the country. Now, you can be part of their fun campaign to spread the love of PA Parks & Rec to everyone. It’s called the Good PA Road Trip. Here’s what it’s all about:

We’re inviting anyone interested to take part and create content that includes pictures, videos, and journaling their favorite spots along their PA Road Trip.

But it’s not just about the awesome local park and recreation facilities you discover, like great trails, playgrounds, natural wonders and more. The Good Road Trip will also spotlight nearby hotels and great places to eat in the area, sightseeing tips, and other fun things for people who are traveling throughout the state.

Your content may be shared on their social media platforms, monthly newsletter, and in their blog, which means plenty of visitors will see the good stuff in and around parks! Here’s what you can do:
1. Go to a great local PA park and take pictures and/or videos of the beautiful trails, open spaces, community areas, playgrounds, and whatever catches your fancy.
2. Find some good places to eat in the area and take snaps of the food and the menu.
3. Visit local attractions or sightseeing destinations and capture them with pics and videos.
4. Take some pictures of great places to stay in the area.
5. Provide some testimonial thoughts and comments.
6. Submit your collection, along with descriptions, to
7. Or, post it to your Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtags #GoodPaRoadTrip and/or #GoodForPA
8. That’s it!


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